GNLD  Cal-Mag with Vit D – Why I take it 2x am and 3 x pm

GNLD Cal-Mag with Vit D – Why I take it 2x am and 3 x pm

I swear by GNLD Cal-Mag with Vit D to add to your life as life takes from your bones and leaves you weak and subject to breakage together with jittery legs and aches and pains and then mother nature likes to keep us awake with some hot moments well with GNLD Cal- Mag day and especially night together with my Salmon Oil Plus all legs joints and my hormones we all sleep peacefully and beat Mothers Natures curse on our bodies presenting with strong bones no more jitters and cramps and straight to deep sleep.  Try it now  push contact me on or go straight to my Shop for health page  click this link to order   ONLY $50.51

Benefits of GNLD’s Chelated Cal-Mag® with Vitamin D

  • Calcium and magnesium, necessary for strong bones and teeth, are also critical to many enzyme reactions, cardiovascular health, PMS, normal blood pressure, and nerve & muscle function.***
  • Adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthy diet, along with physical activity, may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life, especially for teen and young adult women.
  • Vitamin D nutritionally supports breast, bone, heart, and immune health.***
  • GNLD’s Cal-Mag® products show a significantly higher calcium and magnesium absorption demonstrated in comparative tests.
  • GNLD’s double amino chelates employ glycine for significantly higher calcium and magnesium absorption.
  • Preferred 2:1 ratio, calcium to magnesium.
  • Organically-derived eggshell calcium is readily absorbable and highly bioavailable.
  • Contains no dairy products, corn, soy, wheat, or yeast products.  Most egg allergies are caused by egg protein.  Egg protein is not present in the mineral egg shell, which is used in this product.
  • Easy-to-swallow coated tablets.
  • Does not contain fish liver oil!
  • NEW Cal-Mag® with 1000 IU Vitamin D3 from cholecalciferol, which is readily absorbable and highly bio-available, introduced in February, 2010.

The natural color used in both Cal-Mag® products is carmine, a pure, natural color also known as Cochineal.  Carmine is widely used in the nutrition industry for its rich color for decades.


Healthy Hips with Vitamin D!


Japanese scientists discovered that a deficiency of vitamin D in elderly patients disabled by stroke may add to their risk of suffering a hip fracture. A new report printed in the July issue of Stroke stated that stroke patients have a two to four times higher risk of breaking a hip than do individuals with no stroke history. A diet deficient in vitamin D can lead to softer bones due to lack of mineral absorption, notably calcium, the scientists said. For two years, researchers studied 236 stroke patients past their 64th birthday, and found that the vitamin D-deficient group suffered 7.1 times more fractures than those who had sufficient levels of vitamin D.

GNLD knows the importance of vitamin D to calcium absorption, and has formulated many of our products to deliver this important nutrient. Three great ways to get vitamin D in your diet are GNLD’s Formula IV, the capsule form of Chelated Cal-Mag, and Cod Liver Oil. If you’re concerned about weakening bones, turn to GNLD for your supplementation needs!


ITEM# 3402 Capsules:
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol)
400 IU 100%
(as calcium glycinate — the natural amino acid glycine combined with eggshell calcium)
300 mg 30%
(as magnesium glycinate, made from the natural amino acid glycine)